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Understanding Your Home Documents

Are you or a family member looking to buy a new home? Did you read your Title Insurance policy? Did you understand it? If you have to refer to that policy AFTER you’ve purchased your home, you could have a problem. We can help insure you never do! Contact Pruitt Law Offices S.C. to find out the valuable services we can offer. Even though a home is the biggest investment most people will ever make, few hire an attorney to help with their home purchase. You should. Call us today for peace of mind.
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Family Law

Take custody and placement disputes to the next level with our law firm. The Pruitt Law Offices S.C., between its lawyers, have over 34 years of Guardian ad Litem experience. Family Law is a unique are of law requiring expertise. Our lawyers are well-trained in fighting for the best interest of children and parental rights.
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