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Why Bankruptcy?

What are the reasons I see why people need to file bankruptcy?  Many of us live paycheck to paycheck and when disaster strikes sometimes bankruptcy is not far away.  The types of situations I typically see from bankruptcy filers are when they have lost their job, have experienced a physical injury or medical issue causing a loss of income, a divorce, a business gone bad, or personal addictions.  Sometimes the monthly payment for student loan debt can trigger high credit card usage to pay for fixed monthly expenses.  Other problems that can result from the above-mentioned issues are home foreclosure,
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The Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

A few weeks back I discussed the importance of Wispact Special Needs Trust for clients who are on SSI or Medicaid benefits.  Another important tool for clients who are looking to protect as many assets as possible while qualifying for Medicaid benefits is the Medicaid Asset Protection Trust.  What is it?  The Medicaid Asset Protection Trust is an irrevocable trust that is created and funded with assets that the clients would like to protect for future generations.  The Trust is irrevocable meaning that it cannot be amended or changed. Also, because the transfer of the assets into the Trust is
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Trouble at School?

Public schools in Wisconsin must follow certain rules in order to suspend or expel a student.  Generally, students may be suspended for up to five school days. Suspensions can be for up to 15 days if expulsion is being requested. If your child is facing expulsion, it is very important to seek legal assistance immediately as the time lines for this process are very short. The school will want to hold the expulsion hearing within 15 school days to avoid allowing the student back in school pending the hearing. During that time period, much information could and should be gathered
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