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Lawyer? Yes!

Many times people ask me whether they need a lawyer to assist them with their legal issues. I typically respond – only partly in jest – that if you ask a lawyer if you need a lawyer, the answer will be yes. But seriously, the law is complicated. Any issue that is important enough to require binding agreements or court action should be handled by a professional. While you might feel comfortable with do-it-yourself ear piercing or at-home acne treatments, you wouldn’t attempt to take out your own appendix, would you? Of course not. Legal issues are just as important,
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Title XIX and Asset Preservation for Singles

I discussed the options a couple has if one of the spouses unfortunately needs assisted living or long-term care and wanted to apply for Title XIX benefits. This week I will discuss the options for a single person if the same situations occurs. For a single person, the following assets are exempt or unavailable for Title XIX purposes: any prepaid burial policies, one vehicle, and the homestead (if the person is living it, expresses an intent to return home, or if the house is listed for sale). All other assets are considered available. For a single person to be financially
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Know the Difference

People frequently call our office because they don’t understand what type of citation they have received. An ordinance violation is issued for a violation of a municipal or county ordinance (law). Examples of ordinance violations include illegal burning and being in a park after hours. Ordinance violations carry forfeitures (money fines), but not incarceration. Crimes are violations of state criminal statutes and carry the potential of incarceration as well as fines.  Misdemeanors generally carry maximums up to one year in the county jail and felonies more than one year in prison. Making things even more confusing, some behaviors are regulated
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