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Thinking About Divorce?

When considering filing for divorce, you should be aware of the options for representation.  A traditional divorce involves an attorney representing each party. The attorneys negotiate and hammer out a potential settlement.  In some cases, only one party has an attorney and the other party is “pro se”. Other people may consider handling their own divorces. Unfortunately, those people frequently overlook important legal issues because they don’t know they exist – they are not attorneys after all.  This may be the situation wherein a trained mediator would be a good solution.  A mediator does not represent either party, but is
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Should I Choose a Will or a Trust?

Revocable trusts can help families create proper estate planning for future generations. However, revocable trusts are not for everyone. The negative factors must be weighed against the benefits. One of the negative factors of a trust is the price up front. It is typically three times as expensive as a will package. Another negative factor to a revocable trust is the “homework” for the client to transfer assets into the trust, including bank accounts, titles, and some beneficiary designations. However, there are many positive aspects of having a trust. The transition of assets to beneficiaries after the death of grantors
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Non-Probate Transfer of Real Property

A few years ago, the State of Wisconsin made it much easier for residents to transfer real property upon their death to their designated beneficiaries. Under Wisconsin Act 332, residents can now transfer their real estate to any beneficiary on any document, as long as its recorded with the County where the residence is located. Prior to Act 332, the transfer had to be accomplished solely via a Transfer on Death Deed. Just like other beneficiary designations, such as a life insurance policy or a POD beneficiary on one of your accounts, the designated beneficiaries do not have any ownership
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