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Income Changes?

Have you lost your job or experienced reduced work hours? If you pay child support, have you notified the local child support agency and the payee of your income change? In most cases, you are required to do so. However, notification does not change your obligation. If you are not paying or are underpaying, arrears will accumulate at the ordered amount. Only a court order can change your support obligation. If you have experienced a change in income, you should file a motion to modify your child support or maintenance order. This should be done as soon as possible, as
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Take it Seriously

Too many times people contact my office for a quick real estate sale or purchase. Their idea is to simply exchange property with a friend, neighbor, or relative in a quick manner and avoid as many closing costs as possible. Although the idea and intent is good, too many times shortcuts can cause major problems. Proper title work needs to be done before a property is transferred in most cases. Also, when the buyer is involving a lender, the lender has specific requirements that need to be met. Consequently, it is important to involve an attorney in for sale by
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