One of the most important aspects of drawing up a will for parents of young children is appointing a “guardian” to raise the children if both parents were to die before the children reach adult age. If a guardian is not named, the judge would appoint a guardian without knowing whom the deceased parent(s) would have preferred. While naming a guardian in a will does not necessarily ensure that the person named to assume this responsibility will be chosen, the judge is quite likely to respect the deceased’s wishes. Like a parent, a guardian’s responsibility is to care for, provide for, and raise the child until they are an adult (18 years old). This also includes making decisions that are in the best interests of the child, tending to their health and well-being, and managing the child’s financial interests until that duty is no longer needed. To schedule a free consultation to discuss what might be right for you, contact the Pruitt Law Offices S.C. at 262-633-8301, through our website at, or visit us at 731 Main Street in Racine. We are your partners for professional service.