Often we have clients contact our office when one of their parents, siblings, adult children or even a spouse has had an unfortunate turn of events and cannot make financial or healthcare decisions for themselves, and do not have any advance planning documents in place. We assure them not to worry as they can obtain a guardianship over their loved one. Many people are surprised to learn that a guardianship is the only method available to make decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person. What is a guardianship? In a guardianship, someone is appointed by the Courts to make health care decisions and financial decisions on behalf of the incapacitated individual (the “ward”). That appointed person, known as the guardian, will have the authority to pay bills, sell real estate, admit that ward into a nursing facility if necessary, etc. In essence, that individual acts as the Ward’s agent. For assistance with guardianship, contact Pruitt Law Offices at 262-633-8301, through our website at pruittlawoffices.com, or visit us at 731 Main Street in Racine. “We are your partners for professional service.”