Divorce, death or absence of a parent may result in grandparents being denied access to their grandchildren. If unable to resolve the issue amicably, grandparents in that situation may decide to seek legal advice. Wisconsin, like most other states, has a “third party visitation” statute under which a court may grant grandparents, or other qualified third parties, visitation with their grandchildren over the objection of the parent(s). This can be a difficult process as the law presumes that a fit parent makes decisions that are in the best interest of his/her child. However, under the right circumstances, grandparent visitation may be granted. At Pruitt Law Offices S.C., our legal professionals are experienced in grandparent visitation issues, as well as all other aspects of family law. To learn more, please call or visit the Pruitt Law Offices at 731 Main Street. You can also call our offices at 262-633-8301. Your partners for professional service.