A few years ago, the State of Wisconsin made it much easier for residents to transfer real property upon their death to their designated beneficiaries. Under Wisconsin Act 332, residents can now transfer their real estate to any beneficiary on any document, as long as its recorded with the County where the residence is located. Prior to Act 332, the transfer had to be accomplished solely via a Transfer on Death Deed. Just like other beneficiary designations, such as a life insurance policy or a POD beneficiary on one of your accounts, the designated beneficiaries do not have any ownership interests in the property until the owner of the property passes away. Another benefit from the new act is that property owners who own their real estate as tenants-in-common can now transfer their fractional shares as well. Before Act 332, tenants-in-common did not have that opportunity. For more questions on avoiding the probate process, please contact Pruitt Law Offices at 262-633-8301 or through our website at pruittlawoffices.com. We are your partners for professional service.