Mediation is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional divorce process.  During mediation, the parties work with a neutral attorney-mediator to assist them in reaching agreements regarding child placement, financial matters, and future planning. The attorney-mediator does not represent either party and does not provide legal advice.  The attorney-mediator guides the parties through the process by providing information and direction.  She can also draft the necessary court paperwork based upon the parties’ agreements. Mediation can also be appropriate for family conflicts other than divorce, including paternity cases and post judgment issues.  Attorney Sally Hoelzel is a trained family attorney-mediator.  She can provide both traditional divorce representation or mediation-based resolution.  If you or someone you know is thinking about divorce and is interested in learning more about mediation, contact our office or visit We are located at 731 Main Street, in Racine, 262-633-8301.  We are your partners for professional service.