Don’t be that guy. Take care of your personal business. Every person over the age of 18 needs a Healthcare Power of Attorney and a General and Durable Power of Attorney. These are the basic legal necessities to avoid a court guardianship in the future if you become medically incapacitated. If you don’t do it for yourself, think about the people around you. Those are the ones who will be forced to hire an attorney to file a guardianship petition, go before a judge for approval, and visit with a Guardian ad Litem to make recommendations to the court as to what may be in your best interest. The judge will grant the guardian the authority to make decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself. However, by having simple power of attorney documents, you can avoid all this nonsense. So get the basics done and call the Pruitt Law Offices S.C. for Power of Attorney documents. Call us at 262-633-8301, contact us through our website at, or visit us at 731 Main Street in Racine. We are your partners for professional service.