What are the reasons I see why people need to file bankruptcy?  Many of us live paycheck to paycheck and when disaster strikes sometimes bankruptcy is not far away.  The types of situations I typically see from bankruptcy filers are when they have lost their job, have experienced a physical injury or medical issue causing a loss of income, a divorce, a business gone bad, or personal addictions.  Sometimes the monthly payment for student loan debt can trigger high credit card usage to pay for fixed monthly expenses.  Other problems that can result from the above-mentioned issues are home foreclosure, replevin of automobiles, or wage garnishments.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if you qualify, can stop the lawsuits and debts, however, you should see a bankruptcy attorney to help you determine if you qualify and what debts are non-dischargeable.  For a free consultation, call us at 262-633-8301, contact us through our website at pruittlawoffices.com, or visit us at 731 Main Street in Racine. We are your partners for professional service.