Ours is a nation governed by law, and jury duty is the privilege and responsibility of all of us who expect a fair and impartial system of justice for everyone. Consequently, no one is excluded from jury duty, and those who serve should regard it as a chance to get an inside look at the American justice system. The court determines whether a juror drawn from the selection pool is acceptable through a procedure known as ‘voir dire’ (meaning ‘to speak the truth’). It involves questioning the jurors to determine their fitness to hear a particular case and provides the judge and attorneys with sufficient information to determine if potential jurors can be fair, unbiased, and free of prejudice. The legal system can be confusing. At Pruitt Law Offices S.C., our experienced attorneys take pride in providing personalized service to each of our clients. We will take the time to explain, in clear and straightforward language, all the legal terms you will encounter, and then work with you to chart the best possible course through whatever situation you find yourself in. The firm is happy to take cases pertaining to estate planning, probate, guardianship, bankruptcy, business and corporate law, and family law. Please call 262-733-8301. Our office is located at 731 Main St. Your partners for professional service.