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Our practice is located in a beautifully preserved 1843 historic home on Main St. in Racine, WI. This elegant building serves to anchor the southern end of Racine’s downtown business district. Our practice is well established emphasizing transactional legal service including Estate Planning, Real Estate, Elder Law, Probate, Guardianships, Corporation/LLC set up, Family Law, Traffic and Criminal Defense. We believe it is important to have a wide variety of understanding of several interrelated areas of law so as to provide better guidance for our clients.

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Explaining Your Will to Heirs

While most parents choose to divide their assets equally among their children, others choose to leave more to one child than another. This unequal distribution leaves many children baffled and even di...

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A Durable Solution

If you were to become incapacitated and unable to handle matters on your own, the legal document known as a “durable power of attorney” gives a person of your choosing the power to manage your affairs...

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