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Estate Planning

We will always advocate with your best real estate interests at heart whether you are a buyer or seller.  Our attorneys can effectively educate you on the real estate process.

We will provide expert advice from our years of experience in the real estate field.  Attorneys often have a keen awareness of problems that have arisen in prior deals.  With this awareness comes the ability to avoid problems that sometimes occur in real estate.

We have negotiating expertise in the real estate area to handle problems that arise after the offer is accepted.



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Real Estate

Other Legal Services

Purchase or Selling Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate an attorney can draft or review an offer to purchase for you.   It is important to have a trained professional looking out for your interests on the lengthy offer to purchase.  An attorney can advise which addendums are needed to address all of the issues that may arise. 

For Sale by Owner

It is extremely important that an attorney be involved in all for sale by owner transactions.  Without a realtor involved you need someone to be able to guide you through the process including counteroffers, amendments, the holding of earnest money, and dealing with inspections.

Land Contracts

Land contracts are a unique way to purchase real estate where a bank is not usually involved.  The seller typically takes the place of a bank and accepts monthly payments over time until the property is paid off or until the end of the term.  It is crucial to have an attorney involved to draft the land contract and coordinate the closing.  

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

When purchasing or selling real estate for residential or commercial purposes the attorney can guide you through the process.  Each offer to purchase involves a different approach with unique options that should be considered and discussed.  


Evictions can be a straight forward process when you have legal representation.  With lawyers representing landlords with a straight eviction for failure to pay rent, the attorney can appear in court on behalf of the landlord, obtain the writ of eviction, serve the sheriff, coordinate the movers if necessary and docket the judgment.